It's Chip's Challenge. One of the most classic of classic puzzle games.
Click here to download Chip's Challenge
Click on the Image to download the game
The picture links to the old, windows 95 version of the game including the original level pack.

There is a second set of levels bundled with the original windows game here.

If you are desirious of it, here's the dos version of the game: here (can be played with DOSBox on both linux and windows).

If you're on linux there's a distribution of a clone called "tileworld" which you can download the source code for here (you'll need the SDL library, which you can download here (rpm), here (source), or from the original website here).

If you're on windows, and happen to want tileworld, you can download it here.

For those who download tileworld, you can download the original levels and tiles here (how-to included).