Controls are listed below, press F2 to start a new game

The controls are:

    F2 to start a game;

    F3 to quit the game;

    LEFT & RIGHT to control the craft's movement;

    UP to shoot the laser;

    DOWN to jump;

    SPACE for megablast.

The idea of the game is to kill all the enemies climbing up the web and progress onto new webs. You have got unlimited ammo for your laser but only 1 megablast per level. On each level you also only have a set number of jumps. At the end of each level bonuses are given for remaining jumps and megablast. 

This game should work on any computer with a java 1.1 capable browser and as of yet I have not encountered any problems. It is recommended that a minimum of a P200 MHz is used with a half decent graphics card. If your computer is slower than this see below for details on getting round the problem.